• Attorney to undertake the representation.


  1. Authorization. The Client authorizes and directs Attorney to take all actions that Attorney deems advisable and in the Client’s best interest.  The Attorney agrees to notify Client of any significant developments and to consult with Client in advance of making significant decisions pertaining to such developments.


  1. Legal Fees. The Client agrees to compensate Attorney for legal services provided on the following terms:                      3 hours @ $250.00/hour                                      


  1. Costs and Expenses. The Client acknowledges that Attorney may incur various expenses in the course of providing said legal services.  The Client agrees to reimburse Attorney for all out-of-pocket expenses so incurred by Attorney.  Such expenses include, but are not limited to, recording and filing fees, publication fees, delivery charges, service charges, travel expenses, photocopy and fax charges, telephones charges and postage charges.


VII.     Billing. The Client agrees to pay in full the amount of each bill received from Attorney and to make such payment in a prompt manner.  Any billing remaining unpaid within